Lighting for aspiring and seasoned pros.

Many photographers are natural light shooters and even the thought of using strobes brings beads of sweat to their foreheads. Is that you? Well, you have come to the right place. Seth has been helping aspiring and seasoned pros for decades, relax and feel comfortable in using studio lighting. No matter if you are a newbie and just want an introduction to lighting or you want to sharpen you current skills and take them to the next level, Seth will work at your current pace and take away the fears and frustrations that have kept you away from using this marvelous tool.

Really appreciate your generosity

Hello, Seth! It was a great pleasure to be able to meet you and learned so much from your vast experience in photography. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing and helping me improve my headshot skills. I am looking forward to your next session. God bless! Cindy

Blown away by Seth’s teaching approach

I was blown away by Seth’s teaching approach. So patient, fun and understanding with us all as we went over basic concepts that were initially very intimidating (to me). I really enjoyed myself and loved all the tips and explanations he offered. I am so thankful to have taken this class and hope to see more from Seth.

Seth is amazing

Seth is amazing.  It was a great experience!


Filling our minds

Thank you Seth for opening up your studio and sharing with us, I just want to thank you for taking time and filling our minds.


An amazing day

Good morning Seth,

I want to thank you for an amazing day.  I have never been in a professional studio and it was another world for me.  I so appreciated your sharing your knowledge and passion with us and taking care to answer our questions.  I am entirely intrigued with the magic you create with lighting and can only imagine the time you have spent in your career building your craft.  At this point in my life, if I could do it over again, I just might choose to have taken my degree in photography!  It seems like a path to lifelong learning.

If you ever teach an extended class on lighting (more for beginners) and hands on, I’d love to attend.  I can see that solving these problems would be challenging and a lot of fun.  I am so delighted our paths have crossed.

With gratitude, Ivy

A wonderful day

Hi Seth,

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful day filled with great instruction – I appreciate your time and talents.  I enjoyed it and learned a lot.
And I’m in love with your studio and your work!

Blessings and joy,


Very informative and insightful day

I just wanted to thank you once again for a very informative and insightful day. I really appreciated you continually ensuring I was tracking as you shared your invaluable insights. I enjoyed today very much, all due to your knowledge and engaging personality. Again, thank you!

All the best,


You made a difference in my career

Dear Seth-

Thank you for spending an entire day with us this past Saturday – I learned a ton just listening to your experiences.

Once again I am humbled to realize how much I have to learn.

You made a difference in my career, and I thank you for that.


so fun and patient

Hi Seth,
Good Evening! Thank you so much for a wonderful class, your teaching style is so fun and patient. I really enjoyed myself and loved all the tips and explanations you offered, I can’t wait to test them out. I have told two friends they have to take your class and are very interested so I hope you offer this again and continue to share your knowledge with us. I am so thankful to have taken this class and hope to see more from you (if you have the teaching time, of course).
Have a beautiful week and thanks again for the class and all the reference links. Very much appreciated!


fantastic teacher

Seth, you are a fantastic teacher and a good friend. I look forward to learning more from you when I return.


special day of learning

Dear Seth,
Thank you so much for the special day of learning!! My mom has already called me to say how incredible the experience was for her, and David shared how much he learned. I learned things I never even thought I would… like about histograms.

To maximize your learning experience, Seth offers 1-on-1 mentorships, in-person or online, personally tailored to you. You can schedule from as little as 1 hour to a multi day plan. If you have a couple of colleagues and want to learn together a small group workshop might be just the ticket.

$250* || 1-on-1 || 1/hr
$450* || 1-on-1 || 2/hrs
$630* || 1-on-1 || 3/hrs
$820* || 1-on-1 || 4/hrs
$1560* || 1-on-1 || Full day

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