Gallery Exhibition – Moments of Color

Gallery Exhibition – Moments of Color

Photography exhibition
Moments of Color
Exhibition Duration:
7 June – 19 June 2019

55 Fokionos Negri Street 
11361 – Athens – Greece
[p] +30 211 4052138
[m] +30 694 3868 124

Color in photography can play a very important role. It can convey a lot of different meanings and emotions. It can create a whole atmosphere and narrate a different story each time. They evoke feelings and reactions. Many people like or dislike a photograph because of its colors and this is natural. Also, the perception of objects can be different according to their color. One thing cannot be denied, vivid, saturated colors always attract viewers’ attention and provoke reactions either positive or negative according to everyone’s taste, psychology and aesthetics. Not everybody will react the same way to the same color, because colors influence us on levels, nevertheless, they do react.

Seth’s image “Gift Shop” , from Route 66 in Williams Arizona, has been selected for this exhibition.

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