Abandoned Buildings – Blank Wall Gallery

Abandoned Buildings – Blank Wall Gallery

Make sure to visit Blank Wall Gallery in Athens and check out the Abandoned Buildings exhibit. One of my prints is on display


Seth Mayer Photography

Photography exhibition
Abandoned Buildings
Exhibition Duration:
26 October – 7 November 2018

As life evolves, people keep moving from one place to another, leaving traces of their past behind them. Part of this process are the buildings they have moved out of. They end up standing empty and abandoned with traces of an old life, non existing any more. These buildings create a wide range of emotions, that is why photographers are attracted to them. Nostalgia of the past mingles with the sadness of abandonment. What people feel when they see these buildings varies, still there is a great deal of attraction. The ghosts of the past keep dwelling these buildings and none can ignore them. Let alone the photographers who are by nature more prone to such stimuli

Blank Wall Gallery
55 Fokionos Negri Street 
11361 – Athens – Greece
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